Christian Feminists Quietly Seethe With Resentment & Lust For Power


Feminists came out of the woodwork today, under the trending topic #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear. They were venting bout sexist things Christian women supposedly hear.

Reading all these feminists, the first question that came to my head was, “Where did you hear this?!

There is an enormous gulf between what people say and what some people hear–we know that. It’s like we say something and a translator device in feminists’ heads twists it into something totally different.

But this was over the top! “Pastor ‘John’ wouldn’t have laid a hand on you if you hadn’t been wearing such short skirts in church.” Who would say something like that? “If a woman has a strong opinion or a genuine gift of leadership, she has ‘a Jezebel spirit.'” What?

Interestingly, this feminist rant happened not long after the viral puff-piece about how tolerant Muslims are with the Muslim headscarf.

I actually have nothing against the Muslim dress code–they can practice what they wish. But the feminist hypocrisy is stunning. They complain that Christians want their women to dress modestly, yet only have nice stories to tell about Muslim women who are supposed to cover everything except maybe their face. This tells me that the issue is not really about how women are expected to dress in society.

The ideology  in their brains translates innocuous comments into horrible oppression.

Dividing Christian Men & Women

These are things that you might hear wherever you go, from both men and women. Lots of people think yoga pants look slothful and trashy, not just Christians. Lots of guys make bad jokes. And I don’t get in what context a Christian would ask “Where is your husband?” When would a Christian say that? That is what a guy would say to a woman wearing a wedding ring at a dance club.

Yet the feminist herd says “only” Christian women hear these things. This is oppression that women only get for being Christian.

Again, this indicates to me that the issue is not really about how they are expected to dress. The yoga pants are not the issue, but the belief that “you’re not supposed to cause your brother to stumble.” I think feminists are fascinated and scared that the sexes, to some degree, rely on each other and that the man is not without the woman and the woman is not without the man.

Why does the girl behind the large coffee mug think men and women need to be completely equal?

Marxist indoctrination creates enmity against the responsibilities and roles that are expected. Any kind of female responsibility is “inequality” and is therefore sexist oppression. Marxism teaches that any inequality between men and women amounts to patriarchal oppression, and it prevents women as a class from achieving their potential as economic producers, and the root of this subjugation is the traditional family. Their goal is to make a nice class of economic producers for a Socialistic society.

Christians believe that both men and women are created by God and are God’s children, with equal worth and equal potential. But this is not the Marxist definition of equality. To Marxist feminists, equality is when both men and women perform the same labor in a government factory and produce the same outcome.

How do Marxists convert these Christian girls to an ideology that treats them as mere economic producers, robots in a factory?

First, Marxism appeals to their sense of compassion. This is why they pretend to be outraged about dress standards. “How terrible that Christians want you to wear long skirts. Why won’t they let you be free?” Then they appeal to their sense of justice. “It’s not your fault men have impure thoughts, is it? How is it fair that men get to be pastors but not you?” Then they persuade them to agitate and replace sound doctrine with Marxist ideology.

Apostate Doctrine

Once the feminist is instilled with a competitive spirit against men, their Marxist ideology leads the herd to preach apostate doctrines, such the worship of a female God. These same apostate teachings can be seen time and time again in apostasies throughout history, and they always lead to failure.

Feminists appeal to people’s sympathy and sense of justice as they push for total equality and no diversity of roles. I just want to have my equal rights!

Yeah, nobody told you that Jennifer. Didn’t happen. Nobody told you not to preach. Nobody is stopping you from preaching. You can go right now and preach at a street corner, anything you want. No evil Christian men will stop you.

Then again, your feminist message is counter to true doctrine, so maybe your desire to preach feminism actually is a demon inside of you?

Thirst For Authority

Now, of course Jennifer meant she wants to preach inside her local church, right? The issue is not really about having her ability to preach restricted, because it isn’t, but that she does not hold the level of authority that she thinks she deserves in her local church.

This is ultimately the vehicle that Marxism takes to infiltrate Christianity with feminism: greed. Lots of churches do ordain women to be preachers. Go join one that does. But this is not enough for feminists. As evidenced by this trending topic, feminists in authoritative positions will push even further for the Marxist ideal of an equal female production class. They want all gender distinctions and roles erased.

The appeal to compassion and justice pushes feminists into a cycle of greed and lust for authority. They want to be the super-hero pastor up there moving the congregation with touching sermons and changing the sinner’s life.

What is shocking to me is just how many Christian women have fallen into this priestcraft. Look at the sweet young lady in the screen-capture above. She has the appearance of a nice Christian girl, yet she is agitating for apostate doctrine and preaching a selfish message.

The thirst for glory is never quenched. This is why you never see feminists settle down once they do gain the equality they wanted. Their life gets more hectic and stressful as they take on all these extra roles and responsibilities, on top of all the justification and spinning that they have to do to feel good about themselves. This is hard to handle.

Let’s look at one example.

As we already saw, anybody can preach all they want, so what this really is about is a sense of justice and thirst for authority.

According to her profile, this woman is founder of a company that sent out this tweet:

This reminds me of that Huffington Post photo with a bunch of white women at the editors meeting. She complains that some Christian churches do not give women authority positions, yet holds team lunches entirely of white women?

Sounds like she isn’t very dedicated to equality. This indicates to me that it is not about men and women having equal opportunities, but thirst for glory and women being “liberated” to be equal economic producers.

Most don’t explicitly realize that they are advocating for Marxism. They have been convinced of this false definition of equality and seek to make everything the same instead of diverse. They create a team of white women and equal distribution of duties, instead of a diverse team that divides duties according to individual strengths and natural roles.

She talks about the guilt she feels about working all day instead of spending more time with her kids:

As a mother who’s been out all day, trying to further my own dreams at the expense of time with them, the guilt of not being around after school makes me stay a bit longer by their bedsides, makes me answer one more question when I know they should be shutting their mouths and eyes for sleep, makes me sing yet one more song, not quite ready to leave them.

I imagine it is very difficult to be juggling so many responsibilities–working, taking care of kids–and add to that preaching at church and taking care of a whole congregation? The desire to be a super hero becomes too much.

Leftists often feel guilty that they aren’t fulfilling their roles, even as they reject the concept of “role” and take on more responsibilities even as they pile up. They often feel guilty about the way they dress and they lash out at men for looking or commenting on it. This guilt is part of the agitation method that points toward a solution of zero responsibilities and agency; we can all just be equal workers in a factory.

This is why traditional roles in church, family, and the economy have worked for thousands of years. This is why traditional roles create a thriving culture. The weight of all this greed, enmity, and negative feels is not healthy and it is not natural.

As for why women should dress modestly, Prager explains it: